Pencils and Paper

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Hundreds of eager students and parents got up very early Saturday morning in order to get ready for school. McDonald's, Knology and NewsChannel Seven teamed up with several organizations to make sure local students have school supplies to start the year.

The line started a little before five and wrapped around Palo Alto Church of Christ in Hiland Park off Highway 231. The wait was about an hour and a half, but people from all across the area walked away ready to start the school year right.

Kenneth Grizzell is the Pastor of Palo Alto and has helped hand out the supplies with his congregation for the past several years.

"Basically every school in Bay County, there's someone here from there, usually four to five different counties. We've had them from Liberty, Calhoun, Washington, and Jackson county, and even Dothan, Alabama," says Grizzell.

Edward Williams is on long-term disability from his job. He's says even though money is tight, he knows his daughter needs these supplies.

"I only have very little funds in the bank and my daughter needs some help. As a father, I feel responsible to make sure she gets her school supplies," says Williams.

Grizzell, a father as well, agrees with Williams.

"It's such a need and it's so expensive to get ready for school. We've done it for 11 years and it's been a great blessing for us," says Grizzell.