Rapid Rescue

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Once a month, employees of an AA White's Wrecker Service and local firefighters fine tune their skills with special training.

The red car was smashed and nestled into the trees, a horrific accident sight, but it's just a drill Sunday and there is nobody inside depending on quick response, but that doesn't mean those here don't take it seriously.

Spud White, co-owner of AA White's Wrecker Service, holds drills like today to help his employees work together with rescue personnel.

"That way everybody knows what to do when we get on a scene, and it's obvious no scene is exactly the same when you get there, but we'll know the basics of what to do," says White.

It's the basics that has these firefighters working patiently against the clock to make sure a victim gets medical attention as quick as possible.

Lt. Earl Wilkensen with the Callaway Fire Department says his unit needs practice like this so on a real scene, decisions can be made without thinking.

"We try to train for every type of thing that we've ever come across and even what we might come across," says Wilkensen.

In a matter of a couple minutes, the car is lifted safely over the ditch with the help of both the firefighters and the wrecker service, and they all agree in real life it would have taken half the time.

Callaway firefighter Dan Schroeder says teamwork is key when people and emotions are involved in life threatening accidents.

"It gives you a familiarity with what team members going to do what, who feels comfortable with what skill," says Schroeder.

And that is what they all promise to do when it's your life depending on their work, up to date and ready to go at a moment’s notice.