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They're young and ready to campaign loudly for their presidential candidate. This group of young Republicans say voter apathy is down and they intend to educate and encourage other young adults to vote.

Jessica Ploman is the treasurer for the Bay County Young Republicans. She says the key to the campaign is understanding the candidate.

"We get as involved as we possibly can in our local community, in order to help on a national level," says Ploman.

The executive director of the group, Joshua Ploman, says it's more important to vote now because of the close election four years ago.

"Our strategy is if we can get the local population out to vote in the local campaign for the people they know and trust, they'll be voting in the national election as well," says Ploman.

Just this year the number of registered Republicans in the county surpassed the Democrats for the first time. Eighteen to 34-year-olds are the toughest group to get to the polls.

Twenty-two-year-old Blake Corley, the president of the group, says getting friends to vote isn't easy.

"We deal with the frustration by actively pursuing them to vote, to ask them why they don't vote. Anytime you meet someone we ask, 'why don't you vote?' Regardless of their party, they still need to exercise the right to vote," says Corley.

Jessica Ploman knows other young adults may not see the point to voting yet, but they will and this group offers education at a social level.

"By making it fun, by having a club and having get-togethers and parties.... you can make it fun and make it interesting. Nowadays it's kind of not cool to be a Republican and young."

This group is determined to put a "cool" face with their own personality and involvement in this year's campaign.

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