Man Who's Turning 90 Still Hits the Gym Twice a Day

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PANAMA CITY BEACH-- Hitting the gym once a week can be a challenge for most of us and even once a day is a dedicated gym goer. But for one man, that just isn't enough.

Not much gets in the way of Ed Johnson's workout. At 89 years old, the Panama City man is healthier than most people half his age.

"It just makes you feel good, I mean what's your health worth?" said workout enthusiast Ed Johnson.

Johnson attributes his strict workout plan to his wife, Sue.
It's something the couple has been doing since they got married.

"48 years, can you imagine, 48 years with me," said Johnson.
"You know great men, come with great women, so you don't want to leave Sue out of the mix, she's right there behind him," said Owner of Rock Pile Gym, Doug Durham.

Rock Pile owner Doug Durham said most of the fitness center's members know Ed.

"All you got to do is say his name, and this person, that person, this person has got a story about him, and he just goes about doing what he does and happy to do that, he doesn't want for anything," said Durham.

"I'm not trying to impress anybody, I'm competing with me," adds Johnson.

Ed said interaction with people keeps him young. "The companionship around here, I'm going to start back re-lifting weights starting from scratch and I got a lot of these young fellas here that'll spot me when I want to spot and help me out," said Durham.

And when life deals him a setback, Ed finds a way to work through it. "He had surgery on his elbow about a week ago, and the day after surgery he was in here," said Durham. "I'm starting a new beginning, when my elbow gets ready and I'm looking forward to it," said Johnson.

Rock Pile will celebrate Ed's 90th birthday Friday at the gym with a few surprises.

As for Ed, he says he's going to just keep doing what he loves as long as he can.