School Buses Roll Out Starting This Week

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It's that time of year again. Summer break is over for the children and I guess you could say it sped by, but when these kids return to school this week, speeding by them in designated school zones can be deadly.

And what about passing a school bus when it's at a complete stop? How about a stiff $150 fine?

"Just the thought of putting a child's life in danger should be enough to slow you down, but if that won't work you might want to take a look at the fines you'll be facing," says Dave Humphreys, PCB Police Department Deputy Chief.

Take the normal speeding ticket, increase it by about 40 percent, and that's what school zone violators will have to pay, not to mention it's a four point violation on your license.

Violating the school safety rules won't only hurt the wallet, but potentially a child.