Arkansas Governor Stumps Panhandle for President Bush

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If you get a chance to talk with Mike Huckabee, you'll have no doubt who he's supporting in the race for president in 2004.

"President Bush has been a clear, clarion voice of conviction and trust. John Kerry has taken every side of every issue," said Huckabee.

After speaking at a breakfast Tuesday morning at the St. Andrew Bay Yacht Club in Panama City, Huckabee talked about why he traveled all the way from Arkansas to campaign for Bush.

"This is a man who's consistent, this is a man who has real values, who has convictions and he stands by them, regardless of what the polls last night say, versus John Kerry, who is ever-shifting with every new wind that blows.”

"I'm grateful to God that we've got a president who has said that this nation will not have to ask for France's permission before we go and weed them out and find them and deal accordingly with people who would take thousands of innocent lives in an act of terror," said Huckabee.

The two-term governor who's also a Baptist minister, says the true colors of the Kerry/Edwards ticket are starting to show.

"John Kerry has hidden his true left-wing record. He's the most liberal senator in the U.S. Senate. He's absolutely run from his 20-year record in the Senate, and of course if I had his record, I'd run too.”

"John Edwards says he doesn't like NASCAR, doesn't keep up with it, doesn't listen to country music, he doesn't hunt, he doesn't fish, he doesn't farm, and I'm thinking, you know something? You're going to have a hard time relating to Bubba where I come from. You need an NRA membership, you need a hunting license, a fishing license, you need to know how to use a Zebco 33 and a BB gun."

"John Edwards is a classic example of just 'cause a dog can bark doesn't mean it can retrieve. He's got the southern accent, but he doesn't seem to have what most of us would consider the traditional classic southern lifestyle.”

After breakfast Tuesday, Huckabee headed to Fort Walton Beach to speak at a lunch before heading back to Arkansas.