More Bad Economic News for the Area

Now just five-years later, all of that promise is gone.

Sykes officials announced Tuesday they are closing the Marianna facility. Earlier the company had said it was laying off some of the workers.

The company answers customer service calls for Sprint and other big corporations.

Sykes management claims the shut-down is the result of "changing client needs and market conditions, but workers tell NewsChannel Seven the company is sending the jobs overseas to Costa Rica and El Salvador.

In June, managers told 145 employees they'd be laid-off over the next two months, but then word came Tuesday the entire facility in Marianna is closing.

Sykes officials have given their employees 60 days notice, but refuse to say how many employees would be affected. They've also reportedly told workers not to talk to the media.

When they moved into their new service center in January 2001, they claimed they hoped to hire between 500 and 600 workers.