Homeland Security Drills in Bay County

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Think a terrorist attack could happen here in the Panhandle? Well, local officials aren't taking any chances.

NW Florida's bomb squad division was at Mosely High School Wednesday afternoon conducting drills that involved remote controlled robots that are used if a suspicious bag or item is spotted.

A Sheriff's Office spokesperson asks, "And where exactly does the funding for this potentially lifesaving technology come from?”

National and state funds that trickle on down to the NW Florida Bomb Squad Division.

"Now since each bomb squad agent is undercover we couldn't show their faces, but chances are you wouldn't be able to see their faces since they operate the bomb intercepting robots right out of this trailer.”

In addition to their bomb intercepting and deactivating capabilities, these robots have other uses as well such as dealing with hostage situations.

"If anything were to go wrong with the robot the agents would slap on this fire retardant 85-pound bodysuit and take matters into their own hands, literally, but that's a risk they're willing to take to keep us safe at Mosely High School."