Jackson County Fire Destroys an Alford Family's Home

An Alford man could do nothing as firefighters tried to save what was left of his burning mobile home.

Jackson County Fire and Rescue teams were called into action around 4:30 Friday morning when the owner of a mobile home in Alford ran to a neighbor's for help. Now, the place that he and his daughter called home is nothing more than charred remains.

Firefighters were quick to respond to the 9-1-1 emergency call and took 45 minutes to gain control of the blaze.

Robby Brown is the Jackson County Fire-Rescue Chief and says, "It's total loss fire unfortunately, even with the occupants here. He had to leave the residence to go to another location for help. That allowed the fire to get well involved and get a good start on us, but the importance is early detection and early calling of 9-1-1."

Fortunately there were no injuries to the man and his daughter who lived there or to the firefighters on the scene.

Right now, it's thought the fire was started from a short in an electrical outlet.