First Day of School

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Bay County students hit the ground running for the first day of school Thursday morning. Students took a place behind their desks, but there wasn't much time to get acquainted.

The Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test is looming, and school is much more structured from day one.

Cherry Street Elementary fifth graders already completed a five-paragraph writing assignment and a math pre-test.

"The first day of school is tremendously different then it used to be. We start working on the first day of school because we have a lot to learn," says Elizabeth Mapoles.

And it's no different for the little ones either. Mrs. Lawrence's first graders spent Thursday afternoon working on handwriting and reviewing letter recognition, and while the children seemed to enjoy their first day, for some, separation anxiety set in.

"I was okay until the teachers and everyone started saying, ‘oh, how sad, it's your last one going to school.’ Then I watched the clock all day," says parent Elizabeth Weaver.

Okaloosa and Walton County students also started classes Thursday.

Gulf and Liberty students start Friday.

Holmes, Jackson and Washington started earlier this week.

School begins in Calhoun on Monday and Franklin Friday of next week.