9/11 Ceremony at Hurlburt Field

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Air Force personnel and local fire officials gathered at Hurlburt Field to commemorate the first responders and all victims who lost their lives on 9/11.

"Our main goal is to rush in when everyone else is rushing out, trying to save as many lives as possible. It is a selfless job, we don't ask for praise. But the firefighters, medical personnel, law officials, everyone that were rushing into the towers had no idea what was going on, just that they had to get in there and help,” said Tony Lohrman, Assistant Fire Chief of Niceville.

Navarre Fire Chief Ron Norton says he'll never forget that day.

"The news broke of the attacks on the twin towers and first thought was all the first responders just doing their job not knowing what lied ahead,” said Norton.

Crews at Hurlburt Field were also uncertain about what they faced, as they prepared for the worst.

"Early October machines from Hurlburt Field rolled into Afghanistan and commenced first strikes on Al-Qaeda,” said Col. William West.

Norton says he's honored to be a part of this ceremony to remember those that gave their lives.

"The annual ceremonies are great these are things firefighters and first responders do on a daily basis,” stated Norton.

Of the 3-thousand people killed in the 9/11 attacks, more than 340 were first responders.

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