Ten Year Old Girl is Youngest to be Honored with Prestigious EPIC Award

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A local ten year old took the national stage earlier this month when she was honored at 'The White House Project's' 2010 Epic Awards in New York City.
Actors Geena Davis and Meryl Streep were among the celebrities who recognized Ally Woodard for creating worldwide change,
Woodard has accomplished at the age of ten, what many people only dream of doing in a lifetime.

She may look like your average ten year old, and in many ways, she is.
But there's more to Ally Woodard than meets the eye and she has an impressive resume to prove it.

"She could be President of the United States if she'd like to be” says Ally’s acting coach Mary Ann Crouch.
Her dad, Alan Woodard says she’s been this way her entire life.
That's one thing about her. She's not shy, she's not afraid. She doesn't see obstacles; she's always been one to just see solutions. So whenever there was someone that needed help whether it was an individual in our community or a disaster overseas; to her it was just an opportunity to help somebody" Alan says.

Ally is the youngest person to ever receive an EPIC award.
She says she is humbled by the experience.
"Well, it kind of felt a bit strange to be recognized alongside all of those amazing women. And it was such an honor" Ally says with a grin from ear-to-ear.

And as a United Nations 'Art Miles Shoes of Hope Ambassador', Ally will soon be traveling to Haiti to deliver shoes to earthquake victims.
"I hope that I’ll be able to see the children and give them their shoes. It's just so wonderful when you are able to see their smiling faces after they get their first pair of shoes. And it's hard to imagine that children have never had shoes before" Ally says as she puts everything into perspective.

She's a global inspiration, who's wise beyond her years.
"I’ve learned that one day you can be the Queen of the Concourse and the next day you could just be a poor villager. And not to take things for granted, like shoes. Everyone thinks they'll always have shoes but a lot of people in the world don't.”

And her work has touched many people.
Her mother, Diane Woodard could not be more proud.
"You realize what is beyond your backyard. All of a sudden, I had the same passion she had so I must say that I just learned from my daughter to be a better person" Diane says.

Ally says she's not trying to be President, just Secretary-of-State.
"I just want to know that I made a difference in the world.”

On May 14th Ally will be in Los Angeles, helping anchor a 24-hour live web-cast to raise money for the Art Miles mural project that is dedicated to promote peace among children in the world.

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