Bonnie Fizzles and Interrupts Some Vacations

Tropical Storm Bonnie fell apart before making landfall, causing little if any damage. The storm threatened the Panhandle coast with 50 mile an hour winds. The storm was, above all, a vacation spoiler.

From Destin to Tallahassee residents of the Panhandle woke up to rain that lasted until almost noon. Bonnie produced turbulent high surf, wind gusts and localized flooding, but most of all, the storm was a vacation spoiler for the Joe Nitzken family from Louisville, Kentucky. They were trying to relax on St. George Island in Franklin County.

"Well we figured leaving here with the rain it would probably be safer just staying put actually. This is the biggest storm I’ve ever seen."

Most vacation rentals were empty on the island. Mark Follar and his family hung on until the rains passed before returning home to Tampa.

“Well yeah it’s kind of spoiled, we got up here last Saturday and it’s kind of been rainy each day, and then to find that we have now a Tropical Storm come up," he says.

And along the coast, some hoped beyond hope that storm will provide some surfing excitement. One of those was James Bordnardo.

"It doesn’t look like it’s going to happen today, maybe I’m going to have to go further west," says James.

Bonnie was a warning to the Panhandle to get ready, but everyone is looking past the Tropical Storm to Charley to see what that storm will do.

Bonnie fizzled before doing much damage, but state officials say the same won’t be true for the approaching Charley.

Bonnie may be moving on, but the rain she left behind will be plaguing the Panhandle for weeks. The ground was already saturated because of the summer rainy season and Thursday’s storms will only add to the problem.