Bonnie Disappoints Storm Chasers

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While most people are relieved Bonnie was not much more than a strong rain storm, a group of storm chasers were very disappointed.

"It's wimped out from what it was originally, but that's how mother nature likes to do ya," says Ron Hart, a storm chaser.

Ron Hart is from Fort Walton Beach and has been chasing hurricanes for years.

"I've been collecting video for years starting with Andrew. I sell footage to CNN and NBC. It's kind of neat to see. Usually get something the network didn't and they want it," says Hart.

Hart is working along fellow storm chaser John Johnson who has his own storm mobile.

"Everything feeds off of here. The anemometer measures the barometric pressure. Feeds back into here. Monitor shows where I'm going," says John Johnson, Storm Chaser.

Bonnie's highest winds were supposed to reach Mexico Beach first, but all these men saw was some rain. The storm chasers actually did see a waterspout here in Mexico Beach, but soon the clouds parted and the sunbathers arrived.

Hart and Johnson say that was their cue to head east to chase Charley.

"They say it's going to hit as north as Cedar Key unofficially. You know that always changes. If it comes that close I'll give it a shot," says Johnson.