Bonnie Visits Bay

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Bonnie left some big puddles on Panama City Beach and in downtown Panama City, but no serious damage was reported. Even the Cheri Lane Townhouses were safe from flooding, but that doesn't mean they weren't prepared for the water.

Judson McDevitt owns some units at the complex and has seen much worse damage, some floods leaving water 19 inches deep.

"I was hoping it wasn't going to be worse, but it was a good test, good first test. I've been down here since 4 a.m. just to make sure the tenants are ok and the houses are ok."

And by early afternoon, the sun was shining and the puddles started to dry up. Bonnie didn't leave as much water in her wake as expected, but the unexpected day off was more than appreciated.

Despite some small complaints, most headed to the same place, the beach. Gerald Kelley is new to the area, but feels like there is only one place to go after a tropical storm.

"On the beach, I love it. I'm retired, been retired eight years and lived here nine months and this is my true retirement. I don't ever want to go back to Minnesota."

Kyle Butz is a student at Rutherford High School and even though school just started, Thursday was not a day to be in class.

"The skimming part is great and the surf is good, but there's a lot of jellyfish outside and I'm getting stung all over the place."

Sally Ramseyer and her family are visiting from Missouri and want to make some tourist rounds on the beach before packing up and heading home.

"It's such a beautiful day and the beaches are so beautiful. It's our last day, but we're going to make the most of it by driving down the beach."

Denise Basco and her family are from New Orleans and had to pack up camp at St. Andrews St. Park, but that won't ruin there fun as soon as the sun came back out.

“So we can go to Miracle Strip one more time before they can shut it down and maybe go ride go-carts or something because we missed out on those.”

Bonnie may not have pounded Bay County with the expected rain, but she did leave some puddles and some people just happy to play hooky.