Laughing in the Face of Possible Danger

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Improv actor Alex Aschinger plans to do something no actor has never done, perform an improv theater show for 70 straight hours.

“We get little breaks like a half hour here, maybe an hour there where we can sit back, relax, watch the other shows and go right back up there.”

Alex and nine other actors and actresses belong to SPF 70, an improv comedy troupe based out of the Seaside Repertory Theatre. Last year they set a world record with a 35-hour improv show. This year they plan to double that.

In addition to getting your laugh on, performers also hope you'll pick up a form and register to vote.

Craig Hoover from the Seaside Repertory Theatre says, “We wanted to have a little bit of social activism. If we're gonna be doing something for 70 straight hours, then we wanted to give people something else we can do to give back to the community.”

The play began Wednesday night at 10, the eve of Tropical Storm Bonnie, which gave the cast a scare.

Craig Hoover said, “Either it would lock people in and say you know we got a big concrete building, what a great place to be, or we thought the whole world was going home and there wouldn't be anybody left in town.”

As we all know, Bonnie was a bust; a good thing for everyone.

Craig Hoover, adds, “We were packed all night. I was here till 4 a.m. and we had at least 25 people in their the whole time.”

So what keeps these actors going for 70 hours? Most do it just for fun.

Alex Aschinger says, “There's not a lot to gain out of it, just enjoyment. There are a lot of kids in there who’ve been coming back, who came last year, who came every morning and they have a lot of fun and a lot of people come later at night who have a lot fun. That's what it's really for.”

As of 6 p.m. Thursday evening, 50 hours left and counting.

The show, called "SPF 70", will end this Saturday night at 8 p.m.