Anti-Obama Tailgate Message, Over the Limit? Part I

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It's the latest sign of the times... growing frustration with the direction the U.S. government; some of those feeling oppressed, are now speaking out.

"Now we see. A lot of us have been asleep at the wheel; we weren't paying attention with Bush, they were spending exorbitantly,” said Carmen Reynolds, Retired Lt. Col, USAF. “This is a huge wake up call.”

Political sentiment is popping up everywhere across the nation; Iowa; Pennsylvania, Missouri, Minnesota, Colorado, Atlanta and even right here in our own back yard.

One group is exercising their First Amendment right by using a billboard on 23rd Street in Panama City to urge voters to “Fire Congress.”

The founder of the group says their intent is to keep the message alive. "We are about honest Congress, honest government,” said, Suzanne Scheefer. “We are not Republican, Democrat. It's not conservative, liberal, black, and white, it's American. That's all it is. And it is and it needs to stay that way."

After retiring from the U.S. Air Force, Reynolds says she’s become more involved with the current administration, and feels she must continue serving the nation.

“I spent 22 years fighting for my country, being assigned here, there everywhere. Twenty-four hours a day I was owned by the military to preserve people’s freedoms.” In recent years, Reynolds has become a political watchdog for the Fort Walton Beach Tea Party.

“I think a lot of people are having trouble sleeping at night like myself. I had an older gentleman tell me he is watching movies from the 50’s to bring back that feeling of safety and stability and euphoria when life was normal and we didn’t have to look over our shoulders and wonder if our representatives in Washington were busy doing bank deals to form a one world government. “

Pent up thoughts are being branded on billboards, bumper stickers, and the tailgate on one truck; It reads: “FU _ K Obama.” But some argue that rhetoric is crossing the line.

“I find it offensive,” said Gulf Coast Community College student, Kelly Harris. “I didn’t vote for Obama, but you should never disrespect the president like that.”

“I don’t think anybody ought to put something like that on their back bumper,” said Steve Russow, Tourist from South Carolina. “I mean everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but they don’t have to express it like that...”

“They can join everyone else with the bumper stickers that say ‘I don’t like Obama,” said Cheyenne Smith, student at Gulf Coast Community College. “But to put the ‘F-word for parents and kids to see is just disrespectful...”

On the other hand, others seem to have a different take…

“It doesn’t bother me that much, it takes a lot to offend me, first of all, I understand that not everyone agrees on every issue, so some people are going to be happy, some people aren’t,” said Gary Griffith, Panama City Beach Resident.

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