East Bay Power Lines Flying High

Those who live in Parker are powerless to stop high-voltage power lines from running across East Bay from Parker to Tyndall Air Force Base.

Friday morning, those lines began going up with a helicopter actually stringing the high voltage lines from tower to tower across the bay.

A conflict began over a year ago when Tyndall Air Force Base needed more electrical power to help maintain the F-22 program which is being located at the base.

Parker wanted an underwater power line rather than one built on a series of towers across East Bay. The Public Service Commission stepped in saying an underwater line would cost an additional seven to $9 million.

Since the cost would affect rates customers pay for electricity, the lines are being installed overhead across the bay.

Parker council members could have appealed the PSC’s decision, but they voted to accept it because an appeal could cost the city up to $100,000 in legal fees.