Free AC Systems Given to Families in Need

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Ella Smith not only lives without air conditioning, she also lives with diabetes, and the two are a deadly combination.

"I don't want to stay home because it's too hot up in here and the doctor says not to sweat because it causes by sugar to go up or down, so I try to stay where it's cool most of the time," says Ella.

Ella isn't sweating it anymore. Three local churches have come to her rescue, installing an air conditioning system for free. Ella is just one of 13 people to finally get AC in their homes.

This church group says it's the least they can do to ensure Ella leads a more healthy and productive life.

"When you don't have air filtering well and it's very hot it's extremely taxing. It drains you. You can't have a full life when you're exhausted," says Pastor Clark Cornelius of St. Paul Anglican Mission.

It's a luxury most of us take for granted, but for Ella it's a blessing from God.

"It really feels good, like God's on my side. It's really gonna help me," says Ella.

Air conditioning systems were also installed in two Marianna homes. The churches involved in this effort include St. Paul Anglican Mission and Potters Temple of Panama City, as well as Williams Temple of Marianna.