Clerk of the Court

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The clerk of the court is responsible to provide a system of checks and balances for the courts. Incumbent Harold Bazzel is running against Kevin Wood, but both are quick to say they offer different qualities to the job.

Bazzel says his experience counts.

"This is home and that's why it's special being the clerk of the court here in Bay County. It's just I feel like I, as a public servant, I'm giving back to my community."

Woods says the difference is obvious.

"He's well connected, and I'm not. That goes to the issue of accountability and which one of us would have the least conflict of interest in upholding the laws and the Constitution."

Bazzel has been the clerk of the court since 1980 and has run unopposed until 2000 when Wood first ran against him. One obvious difference between the two: four years ago and again today you won't see campaign signs for Wood and to date he's raised no contributions, while Bazzel has raised more than $9,000.

"I want people to know that I want to be the clerk of the court. I want to continue to serve, I think not to do anything sends a message that you think that it's not that important," says Bazzel.

"You've got an incumbent clerk that's been in there too long and just sits there very quietly and just looks the other way instead of aggressively performing his audit functions," says Wood.

Because both are democrats and the only candidates, every registered voter is allowed the chance to cast a ballot during this primary, making this the only race that will be decided outside the general election.

For more information about each candidate go to the Bay County Supervisor of Elections website at and look at the candidate's bio.