DFSPD Hosts Pharmaceutical Diversion Training

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Lieutenant Governor Jeff Kottcamp was in DeFuniak Springs this morning at the Pharmaceutical Diversion for Law Enforcement Training.

Kottcamp was one of many guest speakers among several law enforcement agencies, state agencies, pharmaceutical companies and the Department of Health who all spent the day collaborating efforts to crack down on the abuse and growing black market of prescription drugs.

The Prescription Monitoring Program, along with Meth Check, has made its way through the Florida Legislature as a way to detect and combat those abusers trying to "work the system".

Dr. Scott Haufe is a local pain management doctor and says he sees it in his line of work all too often.

"It's an epidemic problem up here, I mean, literally,probably 10-20% of the people who walk through my doors in my practice are people who are possibly drug seeking" Haufe says.

Chief Mark Weeks of the DeFuniak Springs Police
confirms it has been a growing problem in our area.

"We've had a lot of problems in the last few months with prescription drug abuse and prescription fraud. It's really starting to reach our community, I know it's big down south, but it's been something in the last few months that has become a huge problem here" Weeks says.

Law Enforcement officials say the Diversion Program was prompted to address the trend of south florida "pill mills" migrating up into the panhandle and to establish working relationships with surrounding pharmaceutical related industries.

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