Beach Police Head South

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Eighteen Panama City Beach officers are headed to southwest Florida to help out the Hurricane Charley victims.

A convoy including police trucks, boats, electronic signs and four-wheelers left town Monday morning. The officers are taking water, food and teddy bears. They'll be in the hurricane zone for at least seven days.

The officers feel as though they're repaying a debt to those who came to our assistance during Hurricane Opal in 1995.

Chief Robert Hardin reminded the group to be prepared to be more than police officers on this trip. They will become counselors, traffic operators and much more to the victims who have lost everything they owned.

"They've been watching the news, I'm sure they've seen the devastation down there, and I'm sure in real life it's probably going to be a lot more than what they've seen on television because it's just going to extend for miles."

The group will work out of Orlando providing traffic enforcement, cleanup and any other services needed.