Covenant Hospice Social Worker Fights for Her Life

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A local woman who has spent her life taking care of people before their death is now in the prayers of hundreds of community members.

More than 100 candles shown brightly at McKenzie Park Monday night as Janie Turner's friends and family prayed for her recovery.

Janie, a Covenant Hospice social worker, is in critical condition from complications arising after the birth of twin girls. Janie's co-workers and clients at Covenant Hospice say a candlelight vigil is the least they can do.

"Everything and anything she did for us, she always cared, and if I could do anything for her I would," says Albert Garner, whose son was Janie's patient.

Janie's two infant girls are doing well, but doctors say the next 48 hours will be critical for 33-year-old Janie Turner.