Court Throws Out Voucher Law

A state appeals court says Florida's school voucher law is unconstitutional.

The First District Court of Appeals ruling upholds a lower court ruling that also found the law violates the state's constitution, which says state money can't be spent on religious schools.

A lawyer for the Florida Education Association, Ron Meyer, praised the decision.

“The decision is a monumental win for taxpayers; it means that they will no longer be forced to pay tax money for unaccountable schools. It means that tax payer money will be used only for public schools. It means that the separation between church and state will be honored."

Jeb Bush says he is disappointed in the ruling and the state will appeal it to the Florida Supreme Court.

In the meantime, the state teacher's union is asking the governor to stop expanding the state's voucher programs. The ruling affects students using opportunity scholarships.

It's unknown at this point how McKay Scholarships or corporate school vouchers will be affected.