Thirty-Year Old 'Super Mom' Battles Brain Tumor

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Francis Spann is the "Super Mom" winner for NewsChannel 7's Mother's Day Contest. Her 9-year-old son Bray wrote us a letter to brag about how special his mom is...This is her story...

"My mom is a stay at home mom and she helps us with really anything that we need help on," said son, 9-year-old Bray.

"I love being a mom,” said Francis Spann. “It’s my calling…It's what I do...”

“She takes her motherhood very seriously, she’s the greatest…she's a super-mom,” said husband, Robert Spann.

But for the past six months, this 30-year-old super-mom has been battling the hardest journey of her life...

"I finally decided to go to the neurologist for headaches I had been having since October 2009 and at the end of the conversation I thought they were just migraines that had gotten really bad," said Spann at the end of my appointment my doctor was like...lets just get an MRI just to be safe."

Not even 24 hours later, Spann received a phone call that quickly changed her life.

"The very next morning she called me and said I had a significantly large tumor on the left side of my brain.....

At such a young age, happily married with two young boys, life was just getting started. "My husband and I hibernated for like two-to-three days and just cried. We were devastated, absolutely devastated by the news."

"It hit me pretty hard," said husband, Robert. "You think of your children and ask yourself...Am I going to be alone in this?"

"The tumor was located on my language center and optic nerves, so there were significant risks for surgery," said Spann.

But the doctor convinced Spann the benefits of surgery outweighed the risks. Now, six months later, Spann is living proof miracles do happen.

"I'm a fighter...I didn't realize what a fighter I was until this came along," said Spann.

And with an army of supporters routing her on, Spann continues to navigate her way through her very own battlefield.

"It’s the type of tumor that grows back all over the brain and all over the spinal cord so I have to go back every three months for checkup.”

On Mother's Day, the miracle mom enjoyed her special day with her family; as for what the future holds, Spann says she and her family are taking it one step at a time.

"It's made us realize that nothing is given, that tomorrow is not given and that tomorrow could be taken by the next tumor..."

If you'd like to learn more about Spann and follow her through her journey, you can read her blog at the link below.

This is the winning letter that 9-year-old Bray Spann sent to our studios.

My mom is unbelievable. She's a stay-at-home mom and works SO hard. I go to Cherry Street Elementary and my mom is always there. She volunteers for anything they need help with.

Whether it's copying office stuff or helping in the classrooms or planning parties she will help with anything! What really makes my mom special this year is that she is recovering from major brain surgery! She'd been having horrible headaches for about 2yrs but mostly hid them so we wouldn't know how bad she felt.

When she went to the doctor we found out she had a little bigger than a golf ball size brain tumor. We were all very upset. My mom though, she stayed so positive. The very next day she was sewing Halloween costumes and making the best of things. Soon after we found out about the brain tumor she began having small seizures, she always made sure that we didn't have to see any of the bad stuff. She made a blog for my brother and I to read when we're a little older.

It's of her diary entries so that just in case she didn't make it we would one day know how hard she fought to stay with us. I've only read some of it (I'm not old enough yet) and she is so strong. It makes me love her even more. She had surgery November 30th 2009 and has had a hard time recovering but she once again has not let that stop her. She has stayed positive and made sure my brother, myself and my dad haven't gone without. My mom has shown that she is my hero. She constantly shows all of us how much she loves us even through all that she's been through.

This year I almost lost my mom but she stuck around for us and showed us how to fight hard with dignity and that's why she is the best mom ever. I love her so much! Her blog with her diary entries is Read it and you will see how wonderful she is!
Thank you
Bray Spann

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