A Day at the Beach

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Don't swim in the water, that was the warning posted by the Bay County Health Department for the past week at several popular swimming spots. Water samples at Laguna Beach, Bid-a-Wee Beach, Spyglass Drive and Rick Seltzer Park on Panama City Beach all tested positive for high levels of bacterium.

Dr. Peter Sylvester with the Bay County Health Department says they test the water for a good reason.

"So, when the sign is up there, it's posted, I think a prudent person ought not to swim in it."

The warning caused little to keep most from enjoying the blue flags and hot weather. Stacey Wasdin is visiting from Birmingham, Alabama with her young children and wasn't bothered by the warning sign.

"It didn't bother me because I've been to the beaches before and I knew that if there was an issue, the storm was here a while ago and I knew by now, it should probably rush out."

Lynn Nilson was also with her kids visiting from Utah and also wasn't concerned about the water quality.

"Read the sign, I think it's ok to swim in this spot. I mean, my kids are really healthy and it's not like they're going to drink a lot of the saltwater and I think it's fine."

Carl Grey Park and Beach Drive in Panama City are constantly plagued with the warnings because they're on the Bay, but it doesn't mean people heed the caution there either.

Lisa Kelly lives on Beach Drive and tries to warn families when the warning sign is posted.

"They never read the sign. I always tell them they shouldn't put their babies and their children in the water and they say, 'Oh I didn't see the sign, we didn't pay attention to it.'”

Health officials say before you hit the waves, check out information about the water quality, especially for children, anyone with open cuts or a poor immune system.