Candlelight Vigil for Local Hospice Worker

The light from over 100 candles shown brightly at McKenzie Park in downtown Panama City as Janie Turner's friends and family members prayed for her recovery.

Janie, a Covenant Hospice social worker, is in very critical condition from complicating arising after the birth of her twin girls.

Janie's co-workers and clients at Covenant Hospice said this week's candle light vigil was the least they could do.

Janie cared for Albert Garner's son. He remembers her well and says, "Everything and anything she did for us, and if I could do anything for her I would."

Her co-worker, Lori Fitzgerald, called her a true friend to everyone.

"No one anywhere is a better friend. She fights for everyone and we are all pulling for her now."

Janie's two infant twin girls are doing well in a local hospital. Doctors tell us the next 48 hours will be a critical time for 33-year-old Janie Turner.