Panama City Plans to Clear Air at Sewage Treatment Plant

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People living and doing business near the St. Andrews wastewater treatment plant will soon be getting relief from the stench.

Panama City commissioners voted Tuesday to spend more than $800,000 to install an odor fighting system at the plant located on the corner of 23rd Street and Michigan Avenue.

The city is hiring a company to design the system, which could include a dome to cover the plant. Commissioners say it's worth the cost to get rid of the smell.

"It's going to be an $800,000 expense. That sounds like a staggering amount, but there's also improvements by law that we've got to make to improve the wastewater treatment plant, which will all be encompassed in this expense. It's a win-win situation to upgrade and to at the same time alleviate the odor," says Commissioner John Pilcher.

The city has been searching for something to control the odor problem since the early 1980s.