BP Gas Station Backlash?

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Bay County - Some BP gas stations in Florida are seeing backlashes from the public over the massive oil spill in the Gulf.

Gas station owners say it's just one of the misconceptions of the oil spill disaster.

Watford Food Mart on Front Beach Road is one of a handful of locally owned BP gas stations. Teresa Watford has owned the store for 17 years.

Watford says since the BP gulf disaster, she's seen a slight decrease in business. She wants people to know it's she and her local employees that the public is hurting by choosing not to gas up at her station.

"It hasn't been too bad. We get a lot of local support so that helps a lot. You know people are starting to realize that we are independently owned and we have to make a living like everybody else," Watford said.

"Because they have to make a living. We have to make a living. People out on that oil rig had to make a living while they are out there. I've got to make a living too," Louise Mcintire, a customer said.

Over the past few weeks, many BP stations around the country have faced protesters as well as boycotts. There have been no protests in our area so far.

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