Callaway Expands its Borders by Leaps and Bounds

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In the next 15 years you probably won't even recognize Callaway as it is today is if developers, like the St. Joe Company, who just got their land annexed into the city, plan to develop.

Callaway city commissioners annexed seven different parcels of land into the city. Together they make up about 1,800 acres of land.

One parcel sits across from the Super Wal-Mart on Tyndall Parkway. Other larger parcels of land sit right on East Bay.

City commissioners agree the annexations will ensure Callaway is a top-rate city in the future, but some residents think it will create unforeseen problems.

"I think taking them in the beginning, and being a part of the planning process and making sure past mistakes aren't made in the future and people won't have to pay for those in the future is a wonderful idea," said City Commissioner Shannon Aufdencamp.

“I don't mind the annexations. I'm just worried it may create problems in the future. We're asking legitimate questions and we need legitimate answers, and we're not getting answers looking for,” said Janice Jones, who opposes the annexations.

Commissioners and city staff say the developers will have to pay for things such as water, sewer and roads.