Talking Taxes

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House Speaker Designate Allan Bense is coming out with his own series of advertising against the half-cent sales tax. Bense is paying for a series of ads to run in the newspaper starting Thursday morning.

“So, I don't doubt there is a problem. The key is, when you're raising that much tax money and taxing citizens that much, I think there should be a better plan for how it's going to be spent by everyone."

Panama City Mayor Gerry Clemons says residents will benefit from the sales tax projects that might otherwise get postponed.

“We're very anxious for the county to enter into an effective storm water program because we're the bottom of the food chain. The water ends up in our city and if they have a more effective storm water program, it will help us a lot."

Bense says it might be better to wait until county elections are over and all the commissioners can again discuss the best way to ensure debts are paid.

"I think we've had a half-cent sales tax in place for 15 years to pay off the incinerator debt and the debt is still there. That's not really good stewardship."

It is ultimately up to the voters, but the campaigns will continue until the last day to convince you where your pennies should go.