97 Year Old Woman Survives Car Crashing Into Her Bedroom

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Port St. Joe, FL-- Jim and Carol Penrod, and Jim's mother Jean, were all asleep at 1:30 tuesday morning when their peaceful Port St. Joe home erupted in chaos, according to the 97 year-old Jean Penrod:

"I was awakened by a loud crash and something was falling on my face which was some of the stuff or debris from the ceiling and it was pitch black and i didn't know what happened and i am hollering, 'what happened?"

What happened was a Dodge Ram pick-up truck crashed through Jean Penrod's bedroom, then through her closet and then a bathroom.

"He hit the driveway and went airborne, he hit the little upheaval there, and went airborne again."

The impact pinned Jean Penrod in hr bed.

"Oh I was trapped in there almost an hour and I couldn't move because I didn't know where anything was."

The firefighters who freed Jean were able to save one of her most valuable possessions, a picture of her wedding day back in 1938.
She lost just about everything she owned.

"She had her furniture from when she was married, and that's all gone and she had many things that her husband had made her and most of that is gone already.

But she escaped with the most important thing, her life.

"We are just thankful that she's alive." Said her Daughter-In-Law, Carol.