Confusion at the Polls

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Voter confusion at the polls is raising questions about what races will be decided in this primary election. Whether you're a registered Republican, Democrat or Independent, all of the ballots will have some of the same elections.

All voters are able to decide on the Clerk of the Court race because both candidates are in the same party. Also, those running for the School Board will also be on all the ballots because they are unaffiliated with a party.

Mark Andersen, the Supervisor of Elections, says each voter should go over your sample ballot before heading to the polls.

"If you're not two of the major parties, you fall in a different category, such as judges, School Board members, and now if you only have representation in one party, they fall under that same umbrella so that they're on every single person's ballot. So it's not just one party making the decisions, it's all the voters in Bay County."

If you have not already applied and received an absentee ballot, you are too late. You can vote at the supervisor's office this week or at your precinct next Tuesday.