Sneads Police Officer Involved in Shooting

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Sneads - The Florida department of Law Enforcement is investigating a shooting that sent a police officer and the suspect to the hospital.

It happened around 8:30 Saturday morning at the east city limits on Highway 90 in Sneads. While conducting a routine traffic stop, the police officer, who's name is being withheld at this time, pulled over a car with female driver and male passenger.

The passenger took off running and the officer chased him in his vehicle. The suspect led the officer through a field and across several street at which one point, the suspect jumped on a train briefly.

Sometime during the chase, both the suspect and officer fired shots. The woman who was driving the car is being questioned and her car has been seized.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement are continuing to investigate this case and have not yet determined criminal charges. Both the suspect and criminal were taken to Tallahassee Medical Hospital and are listed in stable condition.

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