Two bodies recovered from vintage plane crash off Destin

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Destin-Friday afternoons "war bird" plane crash has many people still wondering what could of happened. An Okaloosa County dive team went out Saturday morning to check the wreckage of Fridays plane crash that took the lives of Tim McDonald of Niceville and his brother-in -law, Tim Turner of Omaha Nebraska.

Officials were hoping to take a barge and crane to tow the wreckage ashore, but with rough waters on Saturday authorities say they wont be able to tow the plane in.
"The airplane is on the gulf floor inverted so the divers from the sheriffs department are attempting to use bags and inflate them with air to upright the plane and eventually lift it at the same time and then try to recover the victims", said Bob Gretz Sr. Investigator NTSB.

McDonald and turner were apparently taking the plane out for a joy ride. When witnesses say they saw the plane doing aerobatics over the water. "This accident the witnesses described a steep climb consistent with a loop", said Gretz. McDonald had a commercial pilots license and was considered an experienced pilot.

But answers to why and how the plane crashed won't be answered until the water calms down enough for the plane to be retrieved. Officials ask if you or anyone you know has any video of the accident taking place to contact your local law enforcement agency.

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