Pop-In Robbery

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Bay County sheriff's deputies say it began with a call at 4 p.m. Sunday morning about a group of people in the parking lot of the Pop-In convenience store on Thomas Drive in Panama City Beach.

The caller reported the people standing near a silver Isuzu Rodeo, attempting to sell illegal drugs and flashing a silver revolver.

An hour later, a robbery was reported at the same store. Deputies began searching for the silver SUV. When they caught up with the driver, they saw the gun and $800 in plain view.

Deputies arrested 17-year-old Joey Jones. They say he's the man who robbed the convenience store with a loaded gun.

Jones' passengers, 17-year-old Anthony Burques, 18-year-old Corey Turner, 20-year-old Brandi McKinney, and 18-year-old Trevor Lecain are all charged with principles to armed robbery.