Double Murder in Callaway

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The recent rash of unrelated murders in Bay County continues this past weekend with a double murder Saturday night.

Bay County sheriff's investigators believe 21-year-old Thomas Couch had been arguing with his roommate, 20-year-old Daniel Fabris. There were outstanding warrants on Fabris and Wade had allowed him to live at his home on S. Gay Avenue to avoid arrest.

That evening, while Couch was cleaning his gun, he accidentally fired a round into the ceiling of the home. Investigators believe Fabris grew angry and left, fearing deputies would arrive to investigate the gunshot.

When Fabris returned around 11 o'clock the two began arguing again. That's when Couch allegedly shot Fabris several times.

Seventeen-year-old Nichole Savageau was in the trailer at the time of the shooting. When she saw what happened she tried to run, but Couch shot her multiple times as she was running out the door. She died across the street in a neighbor's yard. She had just turn 17 that day.

Thomas Couch is being held at the Bay County Jail.