Florida SAT Scores Up

Florida high school students are showing some progress on their college entrance exams.

The average SAT in the Sunshine State score went up by two points, from 996 to 998, compared to a national average of 1026 that stayed flat.

Education officials say the better news is many more students are taking the SAT, Pre-SAT and advanced courses in high school.

John Winn is the incoming Education Commissioner for Florida. He says the news is definitely good.

"It almost doubled in the last five years. The percent of students who are taking Algebra II for example and other rigorous courses. We’ve led the nation two years in a row in African American students taking and passing advanced placement courses. We’ve produced a larger pool of candidates prepared for success in college," says Winn.

Sixty-one percent of all Florida 10th graders took the Pre-SAT in 2004, compared to 54 percent last year.

Participation among African American students is up nearly 20 percent and among Hispanics up by 21 percent.