Parents Angry Over School Bus Mix-up, for the Second Time

A Washington County family says it wants some answers after a school bus driver reportedly put the five-year-old child off the bus onto the side of the road. It happened Monday morning when the youngster got on to the wrong bus.

Walt Hallman says his son, Gage, knew the dirt road he was traveling was unfamiliar territory. The boy told them he was on the wrong bus.

Hallman told NewsChannel Seven young Gage was put on the wrong bus despite his pleading with the driver that it was not his bus, but what this kindergarten student from Vernon Elementary School would have to face next, alarmed his father even more.

“He was crying that he didn’t want to get off the bus because he didn’t recognize the area, but the driver made him get off anyway.”

Walt Hallman says by the time he arrived at the school he noticed something was wrong.

“They didn’t know where he was.”
By this time, the youngster walked to a stranger’s house on the dirt road where he saw other children playing. A woman at the house called the School Board to report she had found this child and who he was.

Hallman pointed out it had a happy ending, but something serious could have possibly happened.

Washington County school officials say it was miscommunication, which lead to the mistake. Hallman says it’s the second time it’s happened in two weeks. The school says it’s taking the necessary steps to keep it from happening again.

Vernon Elementary School says there was an obvious mix-up. A different child was supposed to be changing buses, but the change notice ended up in Gage Hallman’s file.

There’s no word yet on what disciplinary action would be taken again the school bus driver.