Bay County Commission Oil Update

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Panama City- Bay county commissioners had some strong words for b-p and the local public information officer Vani Rao. They say they want b-p to hire more bay county citizens for beach clean-up jobs. B.P. considers anyone from Florida to be local, but commissioner Jerry Girvin said he doesn't believe someone from Miami hits the definition of local. Commissioners also pointed to a Largo, Florida, worker, with a criminal record, who was arrested over the weekend on robbery charges. Rao said she will discuss the issue with B.P. contractors.

Bay County emergency management director Mark Bowen had good news and bad news regarding the spill. The good news is the oil is the farthest from our coastline it's been in weeks. The bad news is a tropical depression in the gulf could push the oil in out direction.” If it came into the gulf and came into where the oil is it could really create a lot of havoc I’m afraid. But there's a lot of models out there right now and I’ve watch them but I’m certainty no expert. But we need to watch it close, but I don't think it will be a danger in the next few days", said Bay County Commissioner Jerry Girvin.

If the tropical system heads this way, Bowen says the county will have to remove the special boom system from the St. Andrews pass. Workers completed the boom yesterday, but it still has to be tested.

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