Callaway Recall Effort Blocked

The effort to recall a Callaway city commissioner has been thrown out by a local circuit court judge.

A small group of Callaway residents formed a group to fight any plans for an ad valorum tax in the city, reportedly decided to attempt the recall against Commissioner Sharon Aufdencamp to set an example for other elected city officials.

Circuit Judge DeDee Costello invalidated their recall petition on grounds it was legally insufficient. The judge ruled the allegation in the petition did not include any specific charges of illegal actions by Aufdencamp during her time on the commission.

The city of Callaway has been having budget problems recently and is facing the possibility of an ad valorum (property) tax this fall.

The citizens group wants alternative sources of funding rather than a property tax for the city. They raised over 1,200 signatures on the recall petition. A spokeswoman promised the effort would continue and another recall effort was being started.

Commissioner Aufdencamp said the court ruling felt like a big weight had been lifted from her shoulders. She said she would proceed with the work facing the commission in handling the city’s business.