Illegal Smuggling of Contraband Into Prisons And Jails

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Jackson County-Authorities say folks smuggling illegal contraband into prisons and jails is a constant problem for them.
They say its especially disheartening when its someone who is supposed to enforce the rules.
The Jackson and Washington County Drug Task Force arrested two prison guards and one of the guard's girlfriends this week after they tried to smuggle six cell phones and a package of marijuana into the Graceville Correctional Facility.
Drugs and cell phones continue to be the top two items smuggled for inmates.

The GEO Prison in Graceville has become the latest incident of illegal contraband being seized before it gets into a prison.
"We received information from Washington County Drug Task Force that there was an individual that was trying to smuggle six cell phones into GEO prison."
Those cell phones were tightly wrapped in two bundles of black electrical tape.
Authorities arrested two prison guards, 24-year-old Tyler Bradford Daniels and 23-year-old Matthew Crawford for their role in the scheme.
"Those individuals that work at those prisons are humans too and from time to time, these inmates develop a rapport with officers and staff and they exploit that relationship."
Using a confidential informant, investigators say Daniels would supply contraband to inmates and have them send $1,000 in wire transfers to his girlfriend, Kimber Lee Chambliss.
Crawford assisted by allowing Daniels to bypass the metal detector and searches.
"It may start off with giving an inmate a cigarette and from that cigarette it leads to smuggling in six cell phones and marijuana or other drugs."
Jackson County Drug Task Force Captain Joey Rabon says they are the top two-items that are smuggled into these facilities.
"They continue to arrange dope deals, arrange for other items to be brought in, in any type of criminal activity they were conducting out on the street, now is afforded the opportunity for them to do the same in the prison system by the use of the cell phone."
Those cell phones also allow inmates to plot an escape.
"So they can arrange anything they want to unbeknowing to the jail staff or the prison staff and that is a serious problem not only inside the jail but also to the community."
Authorities are also beginning to see an influx of prescription pills smuggled into jails and prisons.
"Sometimes the prison calls us and sometimes we call the prison with information that we have."

All three face second and third degree felony charges of Conspiracy to Introduce Contraband and Attempt to Introduce Contraband which can carry up to 30 years in prison.

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