A 98th Thanksgiving Dinner Celebrated at the King's Table

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Marianna- Food, fun and merriment. "Happy thanksgiving" people said to one another, and for right around 300 people in Jackson County, a happy Thanksgiving it was. Folks from all over the area pulled up a chair for a feast at the King's Table"

Thursday was Russell Morstadt's 98th Thanksgiving.
"The pilgrims called me up" he laughed. "They saw my picture in the paper!"

But Morstadt told us, he was now the last pilgrim left. "You know I'm the only one left- no relatives anymore. I outlived them all."

King's Table founder, Lori Gregg said the day was not only made for people like Morstadt, but made special by people like Morstadt.

"That just really blesses my heart" Gregg told us. "It makes me feel good that we can provide a space for somebody like [Morstadt] to be able to spend the day with other people and not have to be at home alone.

And without the King's Table, Morstadt could have very easily spent the holiday by himself. "My wife died in February" he said, "she was beautiful."

Even in the face of heartache, Morstadt kept a cheerful, thankful spirit.
"My eyes. My teeth, I've kept them. One came out, I knocked one out. But, it's my natural tooth! I've got to get that fixed, but I can whistle through it" he laughed.

And after 98 Thanksgivings, Morstadt shared with us a few words of wisdom. "Number one, chew your food!"

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