A Global Treasure Hunt Could Become a Treasure Chest for Washington County

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Chipley- For years Panhandle Tourist Development Councils (TDC) have spent millions of dollars trying to attract visitors.

Little did Washington County TDC members know they've been getting free exposure on the internet, through a game called geocaching.

"It's like a treasure hunting game where you take a GPS unit and coordinates" explained Park Service Specialist, Scott Sweeney. "You follow that to where the location is. We have coordinates set up in some of the state parks, Falling Waters has a couple."

Players follow the coordinates to the location and look for a secret 'treasure.'

We decided to give the free adventure a go, so we went to geocaching.com on a GPS smart phone and found the coordinates listed in Falling Waters State Park. We found the box and as the rules state, opened it, signed the log book, took a trinket- or 'treasure', and left a trinket. We sealed the box back up and put it where we originally found it to keep the fun going for the next 'geocacher'.

So far, Sweeney said 270 people had 'geocached' their way to Falling Waters state park.

Sweeney, who's also on the TDC board, told us he hoped the treasure hunt would become a treasure chest for Washington County.

"We have a lot of neat things in this county, that utilizing geocaching, would bring people to those neat areas and into the county- which we're always trying to do" he said.

For more information about geocaching visit www.geocaching.com

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