A Local Doctor Back at Work After Fighting his Own Health Battle

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PANAMA CITY- For years Dr. Hulon Crayton hs run a highly successful rheumatology practice in bay county.
But that practice, and everything else in his life, changed last year.
An avid jazz musician, Crayton was on his way to band practice, when he went to the bathroom and saw blood.
"I had no visible symptoms, other than my wife telling me i was loosing weight," said dr. hulon crayton, fighting leukemia.
Doctors diagnosed Crayton with acute lymphocytic leukemia.
"I was healthy one day, the next day i was close to death," said Crayton.
His doctors put Crayton into chemotherapy.
That's helped, but ultimately he'll need a bone marrow transplant.
Friends and family have organized several bone marrow registry drives called "Swab for Doc", hoping to find a matching donor..
"The problem is since he is of african american descent heritage, there's a less than a 30 percent chance a bone marrow match will be found for him," said Dinah Crayton, Dr. Crayton's wife.
Dr. Crayton has returned to work part-time and he still loves to play music.
His staff couldn't be happier.
"He has an amazingly good aura. everybody just feels so comfortable around him," said Dr. Jaynee Fuller, Dr. Crayton's colleague.
And crayton believes his battle has actually made him a better doctor.
"Through the entire time, my patients have been loyal to me and just gives you a great feeling to know, that when i walk into the office, walk into the patient's room, and tears start rolling down their eyes and just gives you such a good feeling inside," Dr. Crayton.
Dr. Crayton has another year and a half of chemotherapy while the search for a marrow donor continues.