A Local Private School Goes High Tech

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St. John Catholic School students have settled to their brand new classrooms, they look more like a hip hang out than a traditional school room.
Jimmy Boss' 8th grade class spent part of their Tuesday afternoon learning about Anne Frank.
And, they used new technology, like an 'ActivTable', to do it.
"It's important in today's world, for one thing,” said Boss. “It's what the kids are used to and it's the way this generation tends to communicate."
The school just renovated all of their middle school classes, installing the latest curriculum technology, things like Mac computer stations and iPads.
"It's creating very interesting conversations among the teachers about what they're doing,” said Principal Kaycie Hoffman. “Not just what they're teaching but how they're teaching it, which is vital in today's education system."
All of the kindergarten through 8th grade classes now have touch screen smart boards to help teachers make their classrooms more interactive.
Students said they love the changes in the classroom.
“I really like how our teachers can use the smart board and computers to pull up different educational videos and power points to help us enhance our lesson that we're studying," said Molly Quave, an 8th grader in Jimmy Boss’ class.
Hoffman says the new push towards the interactive technology helps students excel in the same ways their minds work, and gets them excited about coming to school.
Both teachers and students say the technology changes have been an adjustment, but they have loved the new learning process.

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