A Local Woman Spends Four Months Interning for US Olympic Committee

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PANAMA CITY- Jessica Meyer has always loved swimming.

She started swimming competitively when she was 7-years old.

"Your racing against yourself and your former times," said Jessica Meyer, USOC intern.

She competed on the Mosley high school swim team, then continued her education at the FSU panama city campus.

After graduation she returned to bay county and her first love.

She's the assistant director for bay county's middle school swimming program, organizing all the meets and practice schedules.

"The knots and bolts of running a program and what it takes to keep everything going is really what she's best at," said Steve Burdeshaw, Mosley swimming coach.

But this fall Meyer received the opportunity of a life-time.

On September 7th 2013, she packed her bags and headed to Colorado Springs for an internship with the United States Olympic Committee.

She was selected from thousands of applicants to join the national team division and high performance group.

"Doing statistics, and sports science type stuff. A lot of boring things people outside the sport doesn't understand," said Meyer.

Meyer lived in the athlete dorms at the Olympic training center.

"I made friends with a lot of Olympians and Paralympians that were residents there, i met some amazing coaches, and got to know a lot of people inside the United State Olympic committee.

Together they rode Olympic bikes, fenced, and even went shooting.

And she's hoping to see a lot of her new friends in the future.

"This experience has opened up a lot of doors. a lot of job opportunities for the future. Not only in swimming, but other Olympic sports and with other national governing bodies. so right now I'm just focusing on getting through this middle school season in Bay County, then taking it from there," said Meyer.