A Panama City Beach Business is Moving its Operations to Carrabelle to Create Drones

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PANAMA CITY BEACH- Bruce McCormack spends most of his day talking about drones.

He’s the CEO and owner of Gulf Unmanned Systems Center, a Panama City beach-based company that creates and tests the unmanned systems.

In December, he revealed his plans to move the operation to a vacant building in Carrabelle to test them.

"Franklin County because of the geography and the demographic,” said Bruce McCormack, Gulf Unmanned Systems Center CEO.

Next week he'll close on the building located next to the Carrabelle airport. It gives him access to 4-thousand feet paved runway.

McCormack says he'll be testing the drones on land, in the water and the air.

"Right now we, they've developed an vehicle that they'll be testing in the rivers, in the Gulf of Mexico,” said McCormack.

Gulf Unmanned Systems Center has been working with C-4 company since the mid-80's building drones.
The company builds combat submersibles for naval special warfare and special operations command.

"Something like this, an unmanned vessel, with side scans underneath it, it can just scoot on in underneath the ships and take a peak underneath without a lot of preparation and stuff,” said Tim Despard, employee.

But the drones will have more than military applications.

McCormack says they're especially important for agriculture.

"You can fly this 55 pound vehicle, 450 feet above the ground and it will tell you exactly, if you need more water in a certain place, and that's important because we don't have a lot of water,” said McCormack.

McCormack says he's already received 40 applications for 10-current job openings and he plans to hire more people in about a year.