Dozens of Airport Employees Eat Christmas Dinner Thanks to a Pilot

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WEST BAY- The season of giving is this man's motto.

Ali Frohlich is a retired fire pilot from the air force and has been flying for delta for 14 years.

He is now an airline pilots association liaison to Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport and understands what some folks this time of year has to go through.

"I mean these folks are pulling a 12 hour shift here and they are away from their family on Christmas and the least I can do is show my appreciation for what they do," said Ali Frohlich, Delta Air Lines pilot.

Nine years ago Frohlich came up with a special way to thank his colleagues.

"I think it started on a Christmas eve and I saw the folks and they said no I'll be working tomorrow. I thought, you know what, maybe if I stop off and get a little something, cause they may not have time to eat," said Frohlich.

Frohlich went to Winn Dixie in Panama City and spoke to a manager about his bright idea.

They then provided him food discounts.

"I kind of surprise them in the crew room area back in the old airport and it's been a Christmas and tradition ever since," said Frohlich.

"The set up is really nice. Its good to have food up here for people that have to work today," said Raymond Fraser, airport employee.

Frohlich says he is not stopping this tradition any time soon.

"I'm wishing everybody a Merry Christmas and happy holidays."