"A Second Chance At Life"

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A Bay County family's tragedy has become a blessing for many others.

According to law enforcement, Megan Pettis's family made the difficult decision to donate her organs after she was shot last week in the 23rd Street Publix parking lot.

Organ donations are in high demand and can give someone a second chance at life.

Leamon Yon of Callaway spent four years on a waiting list to receive a new kidney and a new pancreas.

"In 2004, I got on the list and waited and waited and waited," said Yon.

In 2009, he and his wife Joni received the call from Shand's hospital in Gainesville saying the magic words:"We found a match."

The Yon family doesn't know much about their donor, but they say the gift she provided had a huge impact on their lives.

"Giving me a second chance at life. You know? That's the best thing about it is they're giving you a second chance at life," said Yon.

The Yon family says they hope their story will encourage others to sign up to become donors.

"You don't understand the need. You don't understand the importance until you're right in the thick of it," said Joni Yon.

There are nearly 5,000 people on Florida's organ donor waiting list.
Doctors say one donor can potentially save the lives of up to eight people.

Unfortunately Yon is now battling lung-cancer.
You can donate to help with his chemo treatments and other medical bills by going to http://www.transplants.org.
Type “Lee Yon” into the “Find An NFT Patient” section to donate directly to his medical costs.

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